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Cambridge, Massachusetts’ first Indian grocery store is still its best, as those who regularly shop at SHALIMAR will attest.

This tiny, jam-packed emporium sells all the ingredients needed to make Indian food at home.  Basmati rice is sold in 20 lb. bags.  Exotic spices and herbs line an entire wall.  Imported fruits and vegetables – many unfamiliar to American kitchens – are stacked in a cold case.  And the aisles are lined with chutneys, teas, sauces and snacks you probably have not seen before.  

But to call SHALIMAR an Indian grocery store is to sell it short.  This cozy, old fashioned shop also sells: 

Indian videos, newspapers and periodicals
James and jellies from England and Ireland
More than 21 types of jarred pickle
Dry and frozen convenience meals
Sodas, juices and beverages in flavors like coconut and guava
Pots, pans and other specialty cookware
Chilled packages of paneer (soft mild Indian cheese) and ghee (clarified butter)
Indian beauty products like soaps, lotions and rosewater
Boxed cookies, crackers and crisps of all kinds
And countless other imported foodstuffs from around the globe 

SHALIMAR can be overwhelming at first, but the service is friendly and informed.  Don’t feel shy asking about that weird green fruit with the spikes. Someone will know exactly how to cook it.

Enter a world of gourmet groceries at food co-op prices.  Enter SHALIMAR

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